Prioritizing time has never been a strength for me.  I tend to categorize more than I should as a “priority” and find myself trying to cram as much into as little time as possible.  I’m working on this.  Yesterday at church, our pastor spoke on cultivating childlike wonder and named speed to be the enemy of wonder.  So true.  I know it’s not realistic to always be unhurried, present, and truly savoring every moment, but I’m trying.  Sometimes this means saying “no” to more than I want to, but I’m learning that this is okay.

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Sausage Pepper Polenta Bake

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I’m glad to be back here again beginning this fresh new year.  I find January a particularly calming month as the days become quiet again, and we settle ourselves back into a routine.  My soul finds refreshment in reflecting on the past year and in filling my heart with dreams and hopes for the new one.  The biting cold means it’s also the month to bring out the coziest winter meals to bring warmth and comfort around the table.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Mushroom Pasta

My sister’s family visited for a few days last week and although the physical distance between us makes me a bit sad, it makes the times we do share feel that much sweeter and special.  When we only have three days together, we make the most of it.  I welcomed her family that first evening with cozy bowls of this chicken mushroom pasta along with a heaping platter of this salad.  I relish being around the table together, sharing a meal, nourishing our bodies and our hearts.

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