Roasted Delicata Squash with Baby Kale and Balsamic Molasses VinaigretteOur most recent weekend was filled with visits to the cider mill and apple orchard and the apple pie and crisp baking has begun.  It feels good to be settling into these cooler autumn days.  Now that squash season is upon us, the number of squash from our CSA have been piling up on our kitchen island and yesterday I decided it was finally time to start doing something with them.  I began with the delicata squash– oblong, beautiful, and especially wonderful because you can keep the skin on for eating.  It’s roasted to draw out the sweetness, along with some red onions, then tossed together with some tender baby kale, crispy radishes, toasty pepitas, and tossed with a balsamic molasses vinaigrette.  Happy fall, my friends!

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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

We had the pleasure of dining at the American Spoon Cafe this past summer during a family weekend up in northern Michigan.  We ended up eating there twice in the same weekend because there were just so many things on their menu that we couldn’t resist (unusual since we usually try to experience as many new places as we can when we travel).  On one of those occasions, both of our kids ordered adult-sized portions of their lemon ricotta pancakes.  My oldest cleaned up his plate without any hesitation and my youngest came very close to finishing hers.  To say they tasted good would be an understatement.  Incredibly scrumptious would be more like it.  I wanted to make a whole grain version of those same pancakes at home, partly to reminisce about our summer travels and partly because I wanted a plate for myself this time.

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