Frozen Pineapple Pops with Dark Chocolate and Coconut

We were walking the streets of Hong Kong, heading towards a restaurant for lunch, when the kids noticed a little cart selling adorable pineapple pops.  They begged me to stop.  It was unbearably hot and the thought of a cool treat was tempting, but I knew even one pineapple pop would take away their appetites for lunch. (Apparently I was not being much fun that day.)  We reluctantly moved on and I promised we would make our own version once we returned home.  So here they are- the frozen pineapple pops we never had in Hong Kong.  I realize this is an idea rather than a recipe, but sometimes inspiration is best when kept simple.  Finding a perfectly ripe and sweet pineapple is key, so search out the best you can find.  My kids loved these best after being frozen for 4-5 hours when the pineapple is firm yet still soft enough to bite.

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A Spoonful Magazine Breakfast

Last summer I hosted a backyard breakfast as part of an article I worked on for Spoonful Magazine, an independent quarterly magazine celebrating home cooking, gatherings, local artisans, and the art of entertaining.  It’s a gorgeous publication and there’s so much inspiration on every page.  Each issue features beautiful photos and menus for a collection of seasonal gatherings, and shows the joy that comes from bringing people together and into your home.  I thought I’d share a glimpse of our breakfast last summer; the full feature and recipes are available in the current summer issue, which is now available at Barnes and Nobles stores nationwide and can also be ordered here.

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Cocoa Hazelnut Overnight Oats with Sweet Cherries

Just over two weeks ago, I received word of my grandmother’s passing and not long after that, we were off on a plane to Hong Kong.  Having lived to reach 101 years old, my grandmother had a long and full life, and her memorial service was a celebration of that.  We spent ten days in Hong Kong, connecting with family I seldom see, and soaking in the culture of the bustling city.  After indulging ourselves with all the dim sum, noodles, roasted meats, and delectable pastries you could possibly imagine, we were ready again for simplicity and the comforts of home.

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