Garlic Scape Kale Pesto Pasta

Pesto seems to be nearly synonymous with summer.  Every year when basil becomes plentiful I set aside an afternoon to make large bactches to store away for the coming months ahead.  This year this I got started a little early with this garlic scape and kale version that I’ve become quite fond of.  Garlic scapes, the stalks that grow from the hardnecked garlic varieties, are becoming increasingly available at farmer’s markets, and this week’s CSA share included a beautiful bunch.

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Toasted Almond Coconut Ice Cream

As we approach the official start of summer, there is so much anticipation and excitement about the months ahead.  Among the many delights of summertime, for me homemade ice cream comes near the top.  There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of freshly made ice cream.  When Dream sent me a box of their new Ultimate Almond Beverages, homemade ice cream immediately came to mind.  Dream Ultimate Almond is made with four times as many almonds as their original almond drink so it’s rich and creamy with a concentrated almond flavor.  For the ice cream, I combined it with coconut milk cream for a nice balance between the almonds and coconut.  Throughout the ice cream are bits of toasted almonds for a pleasant crunch, and the shredded coconut reminds me a bit of eating a macaroon coookie.  Toasting the almonds and coconut are absolutely essential for depth as are both the coconut sugar and maple syrup for flavor, so no substitutes here.  With three months of summer ahead, I hope it’s filled with plenty of good ice cream.

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Chocolate Beet Bread

With the brief drop in temperatures and an extra large batch of beets from my csa share, it felt right to turn on the oven once again to bake up this chocolate loaf.  After some deliberating I settled on calling this a bread rather than a cake. While it feels slightly indulgent for breakfast, it’s a bit less sweet than most cakes and those beets make it extra redeeming.  The beets also keep the bread moist and soft and add a subtle earthiness to deepen the chocolate.  I like it simple and unadorned especially for breakfast, but if you’d like to serve it as a dessert, a drizzle of chocolate ganache would help dress it up and add a touch of richness or a quick dusting of confectioners sugar would also do nicely.  Serve warm and along with a dollop of whipped coconut cream. continue reading