Berry Breakfast Cookies

We are back home again, finally.  After a several days skiing with my sister’s family out in Colorado, we managed to get ourselves stranded at the Denver airport for four long days as a result of the Delta chaos.   It was frustrating, stressful, and definitely inconvenient, but admittedly fun and bonding all at the same time.   The kids thought it was exciting to be stuck at the airport hotel, and we pretty much lived off of Einsteins Bagels and Jamba Juice for four days with airline vouchers.  Not exactly my favorites, but the kids loved it.

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Gingered Pear Crisp

Along with learning to say no to more, I’m also learning to allow myself to say yes to more of the little things that spark joy (as Marie Kondo would say) and bring meaning to my days.  Quiet moments in the kitchen always bring joy.  As I made this pear crisp other other day, I worked slowly enough to enjoy everything about it- slicing into those perfectly ripe pears, using my hands to work the crumble, smelling the kitchen as it baked, and then watching my children delight in eating it.  As I tried to snap a few shots before serving it, my daughter grabbed her camera as well and starting taking photos right alongside next to me.  The two of us working together to capture the beauty of a simple fruit crisp– joy.

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Cornmeal Quinoa Waffles with Honeyed Cinnamon Ricotta

After writing last week’s post and reminiscing about my past dreams of living in Maine, I realized how far I had come in my struggle to have a content heart.  For the longest time, my eyes failed to see the beauty around me because I was so focused on all that I didn’t have but so badly wanted.  Looking back now, it all seems crazy.  Today I find it difficult to comprehend just how much I have.  I am more able to appreciate the little things around me.  The leaves are changing into a splendor of colors, and the air feels clean and crisp.  This past weekend we enjoyed doughnuts at the cider mill and apple picking afterwards.  Small joys build a grateful heart.

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