Kale Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Goodness it’s already been several weeks already since my last post.  The extra quietness has been something I’ve needed as I continue to struggle with what I think must be lingering post-concussion symptoms.  I usually consider myself relatively stable emotionally, but there’s been a change in me over these past couple of weeks.  My days have been filled with unexpected mood swings where I feel fine one moment and then in utter despair the next.  The smallest things can set me off, and I hardly know what to do with myself.  You can imagine how the rest of the family feels.  I’ve spent some time reading about how and why concussions sometimes lead to emotional instability, anxiety, and depression, and while I prefer not to blame the concussion, I cannot think of another explanation for my sudden irritability.  This has forced me to be more deliberate with slowing down, reflecting on what triggers anxiety and anger, and to face my limitations.

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Lentil Bulgar Salad

With the fall season peeking around the corner,  I find myself still enjoying the abundance of summer’s bounty while beginning to feel ready to settle into the comfort foods of autumn.  This lentil bulgar salad is perfect to help ease the transition from late summer to early fall.   There are cool crisp cucumbers with fresh parsley and scallions, balanced with some hearty bulgar wheat and earthy french green lentils.  Bulgar wheat is my secret weapon grain for a bulking up a last minute salad since it requires little to no cooking, and I always make sure to have a bag stocked in my pantry.   Walnuts add a bit of crunch and some chopped olives and crumbled feta add a salty flair.  It makes a great packable lunch and keeps well in the refrigerator for several days.  It’s difficult to make brown food look appealing, but I hope you’ll trust me on this one- it’s truly a delicious salad.  xo

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